A fiction series by Charles Edward Williams


Book 1: The Dacian Enigma

The sly deceit and deception of the Dacian King unleashes an Emperor’s revenge. A soldier learns the wily crafts of war and politics as he rises through the ranks of the legendary Legion of Gemina.

Overreaching ambition lays the framework for fissures within the Roman Empire.


Book 2: The Arc of Dacicus

Years of provocation and deception have incited the Emperor Trajan to restore the honour of Rome on the eastern frontiers of the empire. 

Shameful memories of past humiliations from broken treaties and the dishonourable losses of Roman legions compel the emperor to subdue the frontier territories and to impose Roman hegemony.

Senior Tribune Cletus, steadily elevated by battlefield actions of bravery and courage through the Legion Gemina ranks, finds his allegiances tested as he climbs the ladder of power during the arc of the expansionary campaign.

Author's Note

Walking past the imposing Arch of Titus and down the large, uneven flagstones leading to the Forum, the author sensed the unheard voices and the untold tales of the soldiers that gave their lives in honour of the hallowed ground. An abiding interest in the first two centuries CE of the early Roman Empire led to the author to relate a soldier’s tale.

The author’s aim is to provide the reader with an enjoyable holiday read and enable them to share the thoughts and dreams of this remarkable period through the eyes and thoughts of a soldier serving in the Legion.

Charles Edward Williams lives in Dunedin, a coastal university city in the South Island of New Zealand. 

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